Analysis of Animal Models

The facility provides services for the behavioral examination of animals (mice and rats).

We offer service to scientific and R&D institutions worldwide.

Having facilities and equipment for behavioral analysis, we are able to perform and describe almost every behavioral parameter:

Behavioral parameter Test Our publications with tests

Sensory organs' functioning
(olfactory, visual, auditory and taste)

Battery of neurological tests

Kiryk et al., Behavioral characterization of GLT1 (+/-) mice as a model of mild glutamatergic hyperfunction. Neurotoxicity Research 2008

Konopka et al., MicroRNA loss enhances learning and memory in mice. Journal of Neuroscience 2010

Kiryk et al., Transient brain ischemia due to cardiac arrest causes irreversible long-lasting cognitive injury Behavioral Brain Research 2011

Kiryk et al., Cognitive abilities of Alzheimer's disease transgenic mice are modulated by social context and circadian rhythm. Current Alzheimer Research 2011

Knapska et al., Reward learning requires activity of matrix metalloproteinase-9 in the central amygdala. Journal of Neuroscience 2013

Kiryk et al., Impaired rRNA synthes is triggers homeostatic responses in hippocampal neurons. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience 2013

Muscle strength, motor coordination


Activity and emotionality

Open field


Level of anxiety, emotionality

Elevated Plus Maze


Learning and memory

Novel Object Recognition

Morris water maze


Classical and instrumental conditioning

Fear Conditioning

Operant conditioning