Transgenic Animals Technology Services

All experiments concerning generation of genetically modified models are performed in the Nencki Institute in Transgenisation unit of Nencki Institute, currently being the part of the Laboratory of Animal Models. 


The LAM Transgenic Unit is a full-service core that provides transgenic and genome engineering services to enable the production of animal models by classical transgenesis and by viral vector modifications. We are performing both mice and rat transgenesis.

From 2017, supported by Foundation of Polish Science TEAM TECH CORE FACILITY PLUS grant  -  we are developing  the unique integrated platform (ANIMOD) for generation and analysis of animal models for biomedical applications consisting. We offer the full-service suport from generation of animal model to its full behavioral characterisation.

Transgenesis of the animals is performed using the classical microinjection, improved in our laboratory (patent number 355 353). The first step is the preparation of the DNA. Plasmid is digested by restriction enzymes, to obtain a linear form. Then this linear form is microinjected to the prenuclei by the use of the micromanipulator. Then those hypothetically transgenic zygotes are implemented into tubal infundibulum of the pregnant females. After the birth the offspring is genotyped and if any transgene animal is found, it becomes the founder of a new, transgenic strain.

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The LAM Transgenic Core can assist with generating transgenic mice by pronuclear microinjection into zygotes. We also offer services to secure valuable lines by cryopreservation of sperm and or embryos and we can resurrect these lines using in vitro fertilization or embryo transfer. Additional services include rederivation to create pathogen-free mouse lines, colony management and expert advice on mouse genetics and breeding schemes.